Campbell, Alex J.

He appears in the 1919 Chandler City Directory as a clerk at South West Cotton Co. His wife was Florence. In the 1920 and 1921 directories, he is described as manager of Chandler Egyptian Cotton Ginning Co.

The 1923 directory said he was manager of Attaway-Campbell Gin Co. and that he and Florence lived three miles south or east (letter is blurry) of Chandler.

The 1925 directory said he was manager of A & C Ginning Co. In the 1926 directory, he is listed as manager of Attaway-Campbell Gin Co.

In the 1929 and 1930 directories, he appears as manager of Chandler Bakery and Chandler Transfer & Storage Co. He and Florence lived one half mile east of the city.

The 1931 directory just said he was a baker, with the address P. O. Box 279. William Campbell and Thomas Campbell had the same address.