Cooper, Ezdon (Ezbon) E. (E.E.E.)

He is listed in the 1925 Chandler City Directory as a teacher at the Goodyear School.

In the 1926 directory, he appears as a high school teacher and a Goodyear resident.

The 1929 directory showed him to be principal of Chandler Grade School.

The 1930 directory said he was principal of Chandler Grade School and lived with his wife Jessie I. at 142 N. California. Also living there were Samuel A. Cooper and his wife Eliza J.

In the 1931 directory, Ezbon E. Cooper appears as the postmaster of Chandler. He and Jessie lived at the same address.

The 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, said E. E. Cooper lived at 146 N California and had the phone number 131.

The 1940 Chandler Resident directory said Jessie was the widow of E. E. Cooper.