Eldridge, Daniel K. (wife, Mary)

(This name is especially confusing because  Daniel Eldridge/Eldredge/Aldridge married to Mary may be one person or more than one.)


Daniel Eldridge appears in the 191819191920 and 1921 Chandler City Directories. His name is spelled Eldredge in 1919.

The 1920 directory spells the name Eldredge and says he worked as a carpenter, had a wife named Mary Eldredge and that they lived on S. Oregon Street. 

The 1923 directory listed two Daniel Eldredges. Daniel K. Eldridge was  a laborer, did not have a wife listed and lived on north Colorado.  The other Daniel Eldredge, married to Mary F., was in the furnished rooms business. His wife was Mary F. Eldredge and they lived at 124 S. Oregon. 

Daniel Eldridge is also  apparently the same person as Daniel K. Aldridge.

The 1925 directory gave their address as 125 S. Oregon. Daniel K. Eldredge also appears in the 1925 Chandler City Directory as a laborer, living on north Colorado. (One person or two?)

The 1926 directory said Daniel K. Eldredge was a laborer, living with Clarence Sellers. It also said  Daniel and Mary Eldridge lived on south Oregon.

The 1929 directory gave their (Mary and Daniel's) address as 120 S. Oregon.

The 1930 directory spelled the name Eldridge and said he and Mary lived at 124 S. Oregon.

The 1931 and 1932 directories  spelled it Eldredge and said they lived at the same place.


(Daniel Eldridge be also be  the same person as Daniel K. Aldridge. Daniel Aldridge appears in the 1920 Chandler City Directory as a "ranch hd." His residence was with Mrs. Lola G. K. Aldridge. He is probably the same as Daniel K. Eldredge, and Lola is probably Lola G. K. Eldredge.)