Eldredge, Lola G. K.

She appears in the 19181919 , 1920 and 1921 Chandler City Directories. The 1923 directory said she lived on north Colorado and that  Lloyd G. Eldredge lived with her. The 1925 and 1926 directories said she lived on north Colorado.

Advertisement in newspaper and in article spell her name as Eldridge.



CHILDRENClara Eldridge


-Mrs. Eldridge with her daughter, Clara, have taken over the Rush Cafe, and renamed it the Eldridge Cafe

She has been in charge of the eating house on the Chandler Ranch, and Foreman Blackshere is loathe to loose her.

The two women have renovated the cafe, and are keeping it nice and clean.  (Chandler Arizonan 8/8/1913)

The 1921 directory showed Lloyd Eldredge living with her.