Gibson, Irving L. (J.)

He is listed in the 1920 Chandler (Arizona) City Directory as a clerk, working for the Gardner & Harmer drug store. The 1921 directory said he worked as a clerk for Weber's Arrow Pharmacy.

The 1923 directory said he was a pharmacist or worked in a pharmacy and lived at the Suhuaro Hotel.

The 1925 directory said he worked in pharmacy for Weber's Arrow Pharmacy. It also said he and his wife Margaret lived two miles southwest of the city.

In the 1926 directory, he is listed as a pharmacist at J. B. Weber and said he and Margaret lived on north Colorado. John Gibson lived with them.

The 1929 directory said he owned or worked at White Cross Drug Co. He and Margaret lived at 157 N. Washington. The 1930 and 1931 directories  indicated he was an owner of White Cross Drug and said he and Margaret lived one mile west of the city.

The 1932 directory said his name was Gibbs, he was an owner of White Cross Drug and that he and Margaret lived a mile west of the city. The 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, said Irving L. Gibson lived on a ranch and had the phone number 81-J3.

In the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory, Irving L. Gibson is listed as a farmer, living with his wife Margaret on the north side of west Chandler Road. They had the phone number 77J3.