Goodykoontz, Kent

Emery Kent Goodykoontz was born in 1909 in Grant County, Indiana. He had an older sister, Olive, and an older brother, Harold. The family also had a ward named Mildred who was younger than Kent. Harold, Kent, and Mildred were still in school when the family moved to Arizona in 1926.

Kent married Angeles Lemon in 1932 and they had 2 sons, Dale and Claire. In the fall of 1941, Angeles took both boys to the coast and never returned. In 1943, after one visit from Kent, the divorce was finalized.

In 1945, Kent met Arlewaga (Polly) Runnels (maiden name Morgan) whom he married (either in '45 or '46) and they had a daughter, Elaine, in 1947 and a second daughter Eula.  Elaine's son is Michael.