City of Chandler Hispanic Heritage Month Photo Exhibit

The annual Hispanic Heritage Photo Exhibit was a project in the mid-2000s devoted to Chandler’s Hispanic and Latinx heritage.  Through photos and stories, the exhibit shares the struggles, self-reliance, resilience, and pride of these families to shape the roots of the Hispanic community today.  

Special thanks to the Human Relations Commission, Arts Commission, Vision Gallery, Chandler Museum and the numerous volunteers who helped with interviewing and writing the bios for each year's exhibit.

The City of Chandler expresses heartfelt gratitude to all of the families that generously contributed to the Hispanic Heritage Photo Exhibits.

2007 Hispanic Heritage Photo Exhibit at the McCullough-Price House

Arvizu & Ayala Family (featured in 2003)
Aguilar & Munoz Family (featured in 2005)
Bernal & Sepulveda Family (featured in 2004)
Centeno & Vega Family (featured in 2005)
Contreras Family (featured in 2005)
Delci Family (featured in 2004)
Duenas Family (featured in 2005)
Encinas Family (featured in 2003)
Espinoza Family (featured in 2005)
Estrella Family (featured in 2005)
Felix Family (featured in 2005)
Gonzales Family (featured in 2003)
Gutierrez Family (featured in 2006)
Lozano Family (featured in 2004)
Mesa Family (featured in 2006)
Moncivaiz Family (featured in 2004)
Muniz & Careaga Family (featured in 2004)
Navarrete Family (featured in 2003)
Orozco & Mendibles Family (featured in 2004)
Ortega Family (featured in 2005)
Ortiz & Tellez Family (featured in 2006)
Perez, LaPaglia, & Duron Family (featured in 2003)
Rodarte Family (featured in 2006)
Rodriguez Family (featured in 2004)
Rosales Family (featured in 2003)
Ruiz Family (featured in 2003)
Salinas Family (featured in 2003)
Serrano Family (featured in 2003)
Soto Family (featured in 2004)
Torres Family (featured in 2005)
Valenzuela Family (featured in 2003)
Westbrooks & Vidal Family (featured in 2003)

2004 Hispanic Heritage Photo Exhibit flyer