Sediments: Layers of the Phoenix Valley

Before the Valley of the Sun became a thriving, sprawling urban community, the land was home to animals and indigenous peoples. As time passed, people of all backgrounds began migrating to the area in search of new opportunities and resources. With each addition to the land, the cultural and physical landscape began to change, having an immense impact on the land and preexisting cultures. For this exhibition, Vision Gallery will be peeling back the various layers of the Phoenix valley’s history to examine topics relating to preservation, land ownership, and coexistence.

As part of this exhibition, the Chandler Museum provided online access to some images of Chandler’s landscape during its past.

Sediments: Layers of the Phoenix Valley features the work of Ashley Czajkowski, Matthew Garcia, Ann Morton, and Steven Yazzie.

Exhibit on view at the Vision Gallery from February 27, 2021 to March 27, 2021


Postcard with aerial view of Downtown Chandler looking to the northwest, 1977



Postcard with view of Downtown Chandler business district and looking north up Arizona Avenue


Businesses on W. Boston Street in Downtown Chandler, 1936


A crew paving the intersection of Arizona Avenue and Buffalo Street, 1921. 

View looking west along Buffalo St.


Chandler's original City Hall, 1929.  Located on the northwest corner of Arizona Avenue and Chicago Street.


Front courtyard of the San Marcos Hotel, c. 1960


Aerial view of Chandler High School, c. 1950


Chandler Heights Citrus Camp, c. 1935



McCullough-Price House at the Chandler Museum, 2007