Lemon Brothers

This business appears in the 19201921 and 1923 Chandler (Arizona) City Directories as owned by Hubert G. and Roy G. Lemon and as "successors to Chandler Hardware & Cycle Co. It offered  hardware, auto supplies, farm implements, tents, furniture, harnesses, etc. It was located on Arizona Avenue near Boston. An ad gave the phone number as 40 and address as P.O. Box 188, Chandler.

An ad in the 1921 directory said it sold "farm implements, furniture, harness and saddlery, tents and awnings, paints, oils and glass plumbing supplies."

1925 directory: Herbert G. and Roy G. are the owners, and the business is at the same place. It offered "auto supplies, farm implements, tents, furniture, harness, variety goods, etc."

1926 directory listed the same owners, and said the business was on south Arizona.

The 1929 directory said the company was in the hardware business and located at 10 S. Arizona. Owners were H.G. and R.G. Lemon.

The 1930 and 1931 directories gave the address as 110 S. Arizona Ave. H. G. and R. G. are still owners.

In the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory, H. G. Lemon is listed as the owner of Lemons Grocery, located on the west side of south Arizona.