Chandler: A Family Album

The Chandler Family in Arizona

The story of Chandler begins on August 8, 1997, when its founder, Dr. Alexander J. Chandler arrived in the Arizona Territory to accept the position of Territorial Veterinarian Surgeon. In Arizona, he found a land experiencing one of the most severe droughts in its history. After 30 days on the job, Chandler resigned.

A wealthy rancher convinced Chandler to visit his ranch in southeast Arizona. As Chandler prepared to leave, monsoon rains arrived, turning the desert into a garden. He decisded to stay in Arizona, not to care for livestock, but to find a way to control the water and green the desert. As with all founding stories, there is as much myth as truth in this story.

1. Roots in Coaticook Canada

2. Dr. Alexander J. Chandler

3. Dr. Chandler’s Wives

4. Harry and Bertha Chandler

5. The Price Family