Clemens, Mildred




PARENTSWilliam Clemens

SIBLINGS: Beatrice Clemens PeelerEffie Clemens Allen

OTHER: Florence Allen (niece)

-Miss Clemens attended a St. Valentine's party hosted by Mrs. Ella Page Seward on Thursday.  (Chandler Arizonan 2/21/1913)

-Miss Clemens enjoyed a pleasant Sunday afternoon going horseback riding with friends.  The party included Miss Bee Clemens, Miss Peeler, Mrs. Bradley, and Mr. and Mrs. B.M. Crenshaw.  (Chandler Arizonan 2/21/1913)

-Miss Clemens was the attendant for her sister's wedding last Sunday.  She came to Chandler from Anaheim, California with her father, William, and her sisters, Mrs. Peeler and Mrs. Allen last November.  (Chandler Arizonan 4/18/1913)

-Miss Clemens will join her sister, Mrs. Allen, and Florence Allen to spend the season in California where she will go to college in Santa Ana.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/9/1913)

-Miss Clemens left Monday with her sister, Mrs. Allen, and neice, Florence Allen, to Anaheim, California where will take a business course at Orange County Business College.  They expect to be gone a year or more.  (Chandler Arizonan 5/16/1913)

-Miss Clemens is attending Isaac Woodbury Business College.  For the first time, she met fellow Chandler resident, Gladys Freeman, while at school.   (Chandler Arizonan 7/4/1913)