Chandler City Council

City of Chandler Mayor and City Councilmembers

From left: Councilman Matt Orlando, Councilman Rene Lopez, Vice Mayor Mark Stewart, Mayor Kevin Hartke, Councilman O.D. Harris, Councilwoman Christine Ellis, Councilman Terry Roe

The City of Chandler has adopted the council-manager form of local government. It combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a council with the strong managerial experience of a hired advisor, the City Manager. The Mayor and City Councilmembers are elected "at large" to represent the entire City. They are not elected to represent districts or wards. The term of the office of Mayor and Councilmember is four years and is limited to two consecutive terms. The bronzed wall plaque at the front entrance of the museum displays the names of council members and city personnel who assisted in the dedication of the Chandler Museum’s new building in December of 2018.


The 1920 Chandler City Directory lists members as Alexander.J. Chandler,  Abe Lukin, H. L. Peterson, D. A. Jacobson and J. B. Weber.

1921 directory: David A. Jacobson, mayor; George ArmstrongB. M. Crenshaw, George F. Mineah, Hugh C. Gardner, members.

1923: directory:  Mayor George R. Armstrong, and members John B. Weber,  William D. McBrayer, Oris Holdren and George E. Foster.

1925 and 1926: : Mayor Park R. Mitten; members, G. R. Armstrong, E. C. Grasty, A. M. Harmer, J. E. De Souza. William D. McBrayer was also listed as a member (1925).