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Priscilla M. Chandler








Mary Ann Lorimer
Joseph Chandler

Priscilla was never married and supported herself as a schoolteacher. She remained in Coaticook, Quebec for much of her life. She attended Montreal Normal School and McGill University in Montreal. She is remembered by one relative as having a wonderful, broad smile. Pricilla was actively involved in t he church and taught Sunday school for many years. She was said to be “singularly gifted with a very happy and cheerful disposition.”1

Priscilla took care of her invalid mother, Mary Ann Lorimer, for many years. She was also knowledgeable about the history of her mother’s family. She attended the 1930 Lorimer reunion in Beebe and was one of the presenters, reading a paper entitled “Faith of our Fathers.”2

After Natalie Chandler’s adoptive parents died, Natalie was apparently raised partly by Priscilla. At Any rate, they were very close , and Bert Lorimer recalls that Natalie gave Priscilla “wonderful care” during her last few years. Priscilla was not one, however, to “take to her bed” and remained quite active to the end of her life. In a 1941 letter to her grand-niece she wrote, about a year before her death. “I did not go to church yesterday as I took a very bad cold--I had a severe headache and could hardly open my eyes. I was very sorry to miss my Sunday school class as I do enjoy it so much. And I am most anxious that the young people should be rroted and grounded in the truth, to fortify them for the temptations and experiences of

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1Obituary of Priscilla Chandler, 1942; collection of Ozzie Thomas; copy courtesy of Corwyn Fagan.

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