1919 Arizona State Business Directory - Chandler

The new city of Chandler is located on the Arizona Eastern R.R. about 23 miles southeast of Phoenix, the capital city of the new State, 7 miles south of Mesa, and occupies the central eastern part of this wonderful Salt River Valley, enjoying an altitude of 1,225 feet, where the government has completed the Roosevelt Irrigation System at a cost of about $10,000.000. The growth has been remarkable. Chandler has one tourist hotel, the San Marcos, the finest in the southwest and two modern commercial hotels. The business section surrounds a central park, or plaza. On each lot in this section a business house of fireproof construction and along certain lines of architecture must be erected. The wisdom or these restrictions is shown in the grace and beauty of the business blocks now erected, and those under construction. Population 1,100.
Arambula, Manuel, billiards
Arneil, J D, veterinary surgeon.
Babcock, R. Weston. attorney at law.
BANK OF CHANDLER, A. J. Chandler pres., P M James cash, Geo E Taylor asst cash.
Baptist Church, Rev T N Smith pastor.
Barfuss Max, barber.
Barnette A F, well driller.
Beardsley H G, agt. A E R R.
Beckham Chas, constable.
Bleak R M, blacksmith.
Board of Education, H L Peterson pres., A T Morgareidge sec.
Boston Hotel, Chas Eckles prop
Bracamonte Peter, restaurant.
Carroll Mrs. Ella, prin High School.
Central Blacksmith Shop.
CHANDLER A J, pres. Chandler Improvement Co and Bank of Chandler, ostrich farm.
CHANDLER ARIZONAN (w) Samuel A Meyer ed. & publr.
Chandler Chamber of Commerce Geo E Taylor sec.
Chandler Egyptian Cotton Ginning Co, C R Gordon pres, B ;~ 3..
~fo('11ll vice-pres, P M .Jame· ~ 1 i»
sec-tre as. :,,,.,~() :-:s ·
ChancUer Eg,1-ptian Cotton Gro11· : ,,v, cri;' A8sn. PM .Jamcic; sec. "'o ,....
Cbaudler Ge.rag<'. Oris Iloldnn & 1;! r»
"\'vayue Ilefi'ner props. !"-, ;:'
Chandler llar<lware & Cvcle ('11 'II en
fl G Lemon pres, genl ,~dse. [ :1f'
CO, A .J Chandler pres, Erne =;, g.
J Kocl1 sec & mgr. 5,, :5·
Chandler Theatre, Wn1 Menhe11uet ~3 CD
prop, Madge P eeler m~r. :.-c '<
Cha11dle1· Woman's C'lnh, Jlrs r 6= C"')
!IT .\ l'lloid pl'es.