Gaylord, William M. (N.)

He appears in the 1919 Chandler (Arizona) City Directory as co-owner of Smith & Gaylord, a grocery store. 

His wife was Hattie.

The 1920192119231925 directories listed him as a grocer on Boston near Arizona Avenue. His home was on S. Oregon Street. Some directories also showed Beatrice Gaylord living with them.

The 1929 directory said that he, Hattie and Beatrice lived at 112 S. Oregon.

The 1930 directory said he was in the grocery business at 1000 S. Arizona Ave. and lived at 112 S. Oregon.

The 1931 and 1932 directories  said William N. Gaylord and Hattie E.  lived at 112 S. Oregon and that W. Norman Gaylord Jr. lived with them.

In the 1940 Chandler Resident Directory, William N. Gaylord appears as the owner of Gaylords Store, a grocery store. He and Hattie lived on the west side of south Oregon beyond Boston. W. Norman Gaylord Jr. was also listed as a clerk at the store.